I am going to speak about best transsexual dating sites and give you my review about it. Just keep reading until the end.


The best transsexual dating sites in 2022

You are in search of someone and you wish to meet one or more transsexuals. But you don’t really know where or how to start. This is why we have written this guide which we hope will help you in your search.

But above all, when we talk about sexual encounters in the broadest sense, it is good to remember that they are between consenting adults and without financial compensation. This seems to be obvious, but not so obvious when dealing with the transgender community. Indeed, many prostitutes of the Bois de Boulogne are transsexuals. It is obviously of your responsibility.

In addition, and not to make odd at the time of your meetings with transsexuals, it seemed important to us to recall, in preamble, some notions and some definitions. They will allow you to feel more at ease, and especially not to be refused or simply misunderstood.

Once these notions acquired, we will deliver you some addresses (the best!) and some good plans to meet a transsexual online.

I really love 2 websites on particular : 

  • Ts dating : a one night stand type of Trans dating
  • my transexual date is a serious contender for a serious relationship for those who are interested of trans dating site.


TS Dates : voted best Ladyboy and Transexual dating site in the world

Overall rating : 5/5


TsDates is a site that was born in the United States in 1996. It has thus more than 20 years of existence, which for a dating site, all categories included, is quite exceptional and shows its seriousness.

With its 89 million members, including nearly 1.5 million in Canada, it is « the giant » of dating sites Trans and libertines. It is also, you will have understood it, the site which offers the widest choice of profiles and which thus maximizes your possibilities of meetings.

Initially developed for a North American audience, it is now accessible everywhere in the world and is therefore particularly adapted to travelers who wish to meet people while they are abroad. Although it is primarily intended for the Trans public, the site is now open to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straight people, alone or in couples.

TsDates offers its new members a free trial: a good way to put future users at ease.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or long-lasting relationship, this dating platform for transsexuals is the perfect reference point to go in search of your rare pearl. It was created in 1996 and has an average of 150k visits per month.



My Transsexual Date : find love and a serious relationship (transsexual or ladyboy)

Overall score : 4.5/5


Unlike Tranny Date, MyTranssexualDate is a dating site for people who want to engage in a more serious relationship and not just a one-night stand. Its slogan « Quality dating for transsexual women and gentlemen » leaves no room for ambiguity.

To date, MyTransexual Date has more than 100,000 members worldwide.

My TranssexualDate is completely free for transsexuals and offers a refined dating environment. The profiles are detailed and very pleasant to read.

They make it possible to already know a lot about the people contacted and their expectations before meeting them.


A Ts dating site also know as myladyboydate

This website has 2 differents names trans dating : myladyboydate.com and MyTranssexualDate.com. The owner of this website fall in love with a transgender people when he first come to Asia.

Those 2 sites are know as shemale dating site or transgender site for something serious.

MyTranssexualDate has the advantage of being completely free for the transsexual public.

transsexual dating sites : my transexual date

The member files are accompanied by many photos, which makes the search for a soul mate more pleasant and enjoyable.

On my transexual date, the search interface by country, city, age group allows you to focus on the profiles that best suit you.

Then, you can choose your mode of communication by chat or messaging. But as with many sites, access to the messaging system is only available if you have taken out a subscription. Then, it’s up to you!



Opinion of a user of a real trans dating site for transsexuals shares his feedback

If you are a man interested because of your type of women, this is the ideal platform to find interesting proposals without fear of judgment.

My Transsexual Date was created in 2013 and has a good community of 100,000 members.

Every month, there is an average of 500 000 visits. It is a good community whose priority is to build long-term relationships. I really recommand my transexual date.


Click here to access Mytranssexualdate



Trans Single : adult Ts dating site for LGBT people


Overall score: 3.5/5


Trans Single is an online dating platform for transgender dating and relationships between adults. It’s a free website to build relationships between MTF, FTM, Transsexual, gay or heterosexual. It is a channel that can be used by singles as well as people who are already in a relationship.

Trans Single is a dating site that wants to break down barriers related to the sexuality of each individual.


Transexual profiles and ladyboys connected to dating sites that are looking for dating.

Whoever you are, you can thus establish there the type of relations that you are, in connection with the transsexuals.

It is one of the only places on the Internet where transgender and transsexuals can find love without fear of being judged and stereotyped. The Trans Single community has 100,890 members, for a site created in 2003. Monthly traffic is 7230 visits.



TG Personals : meet transgender sating and transsexual people in the United States and Canada

Overall score : 3/5


I dont use that much this website.



How to meet transsexuals near my home on Canadian trans dating sites

It is a situation that forces them to live in hiding for fear of being outraged or judged. If you are transgender looking for friends or any kind of relationship, TG Personals offers you a unique community that accepts you as you are.

You can search for transgender dating people close to your community to share your apartment, meal or bed. It’s up to you.

TG Personals was founded in 1999 and has 120,841 members. Monthly traffic averages 6490 visits.


Transgender Date : American dating site for LGBT people.

Overall score : 3/5


Transgender Date is a professional online dating platform, which allows members to meet and communicate with people who have the same interests and desires as they do.

It is a site where women and men residing in the United States, whether black or white, can meet to discuss various issues, and build adult relationships.

Best dating site for ladyboy, trans and transsexuals for a one-night stand or true love

Transgender Date is designed for men who are looking for women, and vice versa. The platform was created in 2007 and has 82,607 members. Its monthly traffic is 4650 members.



Few more thing to know : 

It is important to remember that it is not a choice. The transsexual person does not recognize himself in the gender that was attributed to him at birth. It is an obviousness.

It is also useful to remember, that the transsexual person does not change sexuality by changing sex. This is why, many transsexuals who have been operated become gay or lesbian at the end of their transition. They were heterosexual before, so they still like the same sex afterwards.

Whether she is a woman who became a man or a man who became a woman, whether the transition is completed, in progress, initiated or not, the Trans you will meet will most certainly have lived a very difficult and painful family and life journey.

Please take this into account in a shemale dating site.

Trans people like to be considered as they are, even if they have long since integrated and accepted the fact that they are the object of fantasies.

Know also that today, it is rather the term « transgender » than « transsexual » which is used (and rather « transidentity » than « transsexuality »).


The transvestite

Transvestites are men who dress as women (and vice versa) to imitate them, but also to have fun. They are generally homosexual. Their modern versions are the Drag-Queens and Drag Kings. But we meet less and less transvestites. Many of them, with the evolution of morals, have finally joined the transsexual community.


La Shemale

A Shemale is a transgender porn actress. The term Shemale is an Anglicism made up of She (she in French) and Male (male) from the world of Anglo-Saxon pornographic cinema. It designates a person who has undergone major surgery and hormonal treatments to have the fantasized appearance of a woman with very generous shapes, very opulent breasts and a male sex of good proportion (and still operational).

Meeting in a shemale dating site might be difficult that why you should go try it!


A Ladyboy

It is the term, which is used in Thailand to designate young transsexuals (men who have become women). Their number is estimated at 500,000. They are very well tolerated and very well integrated into Thai society, they have their own television programs, for example. But let’s not hide the fact that many of them have to prostitute themselves to live.

These few preliminary definitions being posed, you are ready to enter the transsexual world.

The simplest way: the sites of meetings. You will be able to thus start to apprehend the Trans world.


You are shy? Opt for a site of meetings

The net abounds in more or less reliable dating sites. That’s why we offer you here our selection.


Now, this is yet to you for sign up for any transgender dating site or doing any trans dating online.